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YouTube Capture – A New Mobile App To Capture And Share

YouTube Capture is the new app from YouTube which is currently available only for iOs. The app allows users to Capture, Edit, and Upload Video’s on the go. The app has the access to the local storage and camera which uses camera to capture and you could find the recorded videos from “Photos” app on your device. You could record videos of any length through this App. This App provides you editing options which include Trimming a part of the videos, Rearranging the recorded clips and Adding soundtrack directly from the music collection or from audio library. Continue reading

Awesome Features Of iOs 7

The most awaited Os has been released today and its installation is successful on my iPhone 4S. Today, morning i noticed the packaged update of iOs 7 and iTunes 11.1.It is impossible to connect your iPhone (installed with iOs 7) to iTunes 11.0 and hence you require iTunes 11.1 or higher version. However, the new OS includes many new features including Control Center, AirDrop, Multitasking, and re-modified camera. Take a look at the new features if you haven’t updated to 7th version.

Updated Features:

Capturing A Screen Shot On iPhone 4

Capturing screen on iPhone is as easy as pressing buttons on your phone.  First of all, let me explain about the buttons used to capture a screenshot.

Lock Button (On/Off Button): Lock button is situated on the top right of your iPhone, which is used to Lock and Unlock your iPhone. It is also referred to On/Off Button.

Home Button: This is what the button you use every second to move to your home screen. Continue reading

Blackberry || Best Way To Copy Contacts From Phone To Sim or To Another Phone

          The main disadvantage in blackberry phone’s is not allowing the user to copy all contacts from phone to sim. I am going to teach you  an easiest way to copy contacts from Blackberry phone to sim of from device to another device. Any basic phone which has an option to copy contacts from phone to sim is necessary.

Why they haven’t provided an option to copy all contacts from phone to sim?

Facebook Upgrades Messenger App To Allow Free Voice Calls

Facebook Messenger is one of the top application’s used by the mobile user’s. Facebook Messenger allows user’s to send messages freely through data connection. However, the charges may apply as per your data plan. Facebook is updating the application constantly, to provide a new features to it’s user’s. The recent upgrade to the Messenger app is allowing user’s to record and send voice-mail type message to friends. Now, Facebook is preparing to add up a new feature to its messenger in which it allows user’s to make voice call’s to friends. Continue reading

Eyewatch – A Security App For Mobile From Indianeye Security

          The Indian Eye security Pvt. Ltd. has launched a new application called Eyewatch aiming to serve as an emergency system. This application is an emergency alert system which sends multiple messages, images, sounds and your location status to the preferred contacts informing about your emergency. It uses different ways along with GPS to track a person. Continue reading

Blackberry | Connect To Internet Without Blackberry’s service

          Here is a trick to connect to internet on your blackberry without using any type of Blackberry’s service. It cost’s a little much amount to activate an internet pack on your blackberry through the network provider’s. All you need to do is changing the APN on your device. Please note that, the trick allows you to access internet through opera browser and you can connect your device to PC even. The main disadvantage in this trick is, Applications are not allowed to connect to internet. Continue reading

Here Are The Top 3 Apps For Your Android

          Android market has more than 4,25,000 apps and many of them are available for free of cost. It may be useless to use android without applications. In this blog I have mentioned applications which are standing on the top 3 positions. These three applications are not only on the top most positions, but also very useful for every androider!. I think you may know what they are. However, I would like to say about them:

          1. Google Maps
          2. Advanced Task Killer
          3. Dropbox

1. Google Maps:
          Coming to my view, I would say that this application is a must for every one. Its amazing features allows users a quick navigation. This application is also available for some other platforms like blackberry, iPhone, Palm, nokia symbian S60.

2. Advanced Task Killer:
          Advanced Task Killer is an application which is used to kill the applications running background. This feature makes the phone work faster and end up useless applications.

3. Dropbox:
          Dropbox is also one of the majorly used applications. Dropbox let’s the users bring their photo’s, doc’s and videos anywhere and share them easily. This application is standing on the top 3rd position.

         You can download the above Apps at