Capturing A Screen Shot On iPhone 4

Capturing screen on iPhone is as easy as pressing buttons on your phone.  First of all, let me explain about the buttons used to capture a screenshot.

Lock Button (On/Off Button): Lock button is situated on the top right of your iPhone, which is used to Lock and Unlock your iPhone. It is also referred to On/Off Button.

Home Button: This is what the button you use every second to move to your home screen.


Capturing Screen Shot: Press and hold the Lock button which is on the top of your iPhone, now press the home button, you can see the iPhone capturing the screen. I would say On/Off Button + Home button which captures your current screen. You could even hear a camera shutter sound which notifies that your screen has been captured.

Browsing Screen Shots: There is no other place where the pictures got saved. Just browse to Photos > Camera Roll to view the captured Screen Shots.


          Capturing Screen Shot is similar on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 devices.

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