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Awesome Features Of iOs 7

The most awaited Os has been released today and its installation is successful on my iPhone 4S. Today, morning i noticed the packaged update of iOs 7 and iTunes 11.1.It is impossible to connect your iPhone (installed with iOs 7) to iTunes 11.0 and hence you require iTunes 11.1 or higher version. However, the new OS includes many new features including Control Center, AirDrop, Multitasking, and re-modified camera. Take a look at the new features if you haven’t updated to 7th version.

Updated Features:

USB 3.0 Upgraded To 3.1 || Experience The Speed

The USB 3.0 is fast, but the new version is faster than that. The upgrade came in the form of 3.1 version. Move on to 3.1 if you need to experience the new transfer speed. The upgrade is not going to work with the old USB 2.0 and 3.0 kit’s. You can achieve the high speed only if you are upgraded to USB 3.1 kit.

The USB Implementers Forum says it has 800 members, and the space fiend alone knows how many products they collectively offer. Continue reading

Acer Launches Iconia W510 || A Windows 8 Hybrid Tablet

During Computex 2012 which was held in Taipei in the month of June 2012, Acer unveiled its new tablet “Iconia W510” which is based on Windows 8. The estimated price tag of Iconia W510 is Rs.40,000 (app) according to a recent media report and might be available by January 10, 2013. It has an interesting Twisting feature in which it can be twisted to maximum of 295 degrees, and some of the other features include a battery life of 18 hours and above, Acer’s always On, Cloud and instant connect technologies. Continue reading

Free Wi-Fi Internet Service On Delhi Airport Metro

          The Delhi Airport Metro Express is going to provide internet service through Wi-Fi at its all stations which allows the passengers to surf on the go. Now a days internet has become one of the basic needs. That is the reason for providing internet service at Airport Metro Stations. Being the connection through Wi-Fi, it is very easy for the users to connect to internet through it. Continue reading

Google Providing Wi-Fi For Free At O-Zone Hotspots

         Google announced the launch of free Wi-Fi at all O-Zone hotspots. O-Zone Networks Pvt. Limited was launched to provide mobility solutions and wireless internet service across the country. Google ties up with this network company to provide the free Wi-Fi internet service. They have initiated this service to increase mobile internet user’s providing access to google+ and youtube which works on their portable devices.

          This service is expected to be launched by this weekend and is available at all the O-Zone Wi-Fi hotspots. The users will have unlimited access to google+ and they can watch videos for 10 minutes Continue reading

Samsung Launching It’s New Galaxy Tab Next Week

          The release of new Galaxy tab was announced to be in the next week. This Tab is expected to be a beater of Apple Ipad 2 comparing to its thickness. Actually, This Galaxy  tab 10.1 is thinner than the older version and even thinner than the apple ipad2. The device supports resolution upto 1280*800 and runs on 1GHz Dual-core Processor.

          The processor being dual-core, enables high support for gaming, video playback and multi-tasking. While coming to the display, its 10.1 touch-screen which provides the users a fantastic quality of browsing and multimedia playback.

          For this Galaxy tab, its possible to connect plug and play devices like external drives, joysticks, keyboards, mice and etc, with the help of a USB cable. The main drawback of this tab is that it comes with a 3 mega-pixelled  camera, where as the older one has an 8 mega-pixel camera.

          This device is expected to be available at a price of Rs.29000.

We will be back to you once we hear more about this new device..