Blackberry || Best Way To Copy Contacts From Phone To Sim or To Another Phone

          The main disadvantage in blackberry phone’s is not allowing the user to copy all contacts from phone to sim. I am going to teach you  an easiest way to copy contacts from Blackberry phone to sim of from device to another device. Any basic phone which has an option to copy contacts from phone to sim is necessary.

Why they haven’t provided an option to copy all contacts from phone to sim?

  • By searching what I came to know is “Security Matter’s”.

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What are the requirements to copy contacts?

  1. Blackberry Desktop Manager (You can get it for free from Blackberry official website).
  2. MagicBerry for Blackberry (A tool which converts file format from .bbb to .csv).
  3. Any basic phone which has an option to copy contacts from phone to sim (You can use Trail version for onetime use).


The Procedure:

  1. Connect your Blackberry mobile to your pc using Blackberry Desktop Manager.
  2. Back up all the contacts to your pc.
  3. The back up file will be created in “.bbb” file format which cannot be used by other desktop manager’s.
  4. Let’s convert that file to “.csv” using “MagicBerry” software.

       Converting from .bbb to .csv:

  • Open MagicBerry and click on “File” from menu bar and select “Open”.
  • Browse to the blackberry backup folder and select the backup file which is in .bbb format. (Note: If the file is not visible, select .bbb format in “filetype”).
  • The file has been Opened, It’s time to convert it. Click on “Manupulate” menu and select “Export”.
  • In the window opened, select “Export all” and click on “Export to CSV”.
  • The file is now converted to .csv which can be recognized by all desktop manager’s.
  1. The sim in which contacts are to be copied is inserted in the mobile in which the copying option is available.
  2. Connect that phone to pc using recommended desktop manager and import contacts to that phone from the .csv file.
  3. Now, you can easily copy contacts from device to sim.

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