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Facebook Upgrades Messenger App To Allow Free Voice Calls

Facebook Messenger is one of the top application’s used by the mobile user’s. Facebook Messenger allows user’s to send messages freely through data connection. However, the charges may apply as per your data plan. Facebook is updating the application constantly, to provide a new features to it’s user’s. The recent upgrade to the Messenger app is allowing user’s to record and send voice-mail type message to friends. Now, Facebook is preparing to add up a new feature to its messenger in which it allows user’s to make voice call’s to friends. Continue reading

Update Your Facebook Status From Siri

          The process you need to do is very less to update your Facebook’s status from Siri. All you need to do is getting your personal email id to upload via email and saving it in your contacts. The steps to follow are given in detail below.

  • Go to Facebook and login to your account in which status is needed to be updated. To get your personal email id you need to visit “”. Continue reading

Get Back Facebook’s Old Chat Interface

          Facebook is updating its interface day by day and one of  the change’s is the new chat interface which is not as effective as that of older one. However the change may be, I felt it as a great drawback for the page and I thought, we lost it. Unfortunately there was a plugin which enables the older interface.

          This is how the older chat interface look’s like:

          And the changed one look’s like this:

To get the older interface you need to install the below plugin and refresh your page. Now you will see the older chat interface loaded.

      For Firefox:

      For Chrome:

      And for IE i didnt find one yet, i will be informing you if i find any plugin.